Do You Speak Fluent UI/UX?

UX Terms to Know: A Design Glossary for Impactful Software

Adopt a Common Language to Align Tech and Design Teams

UX Terms to Know: General Concepts


Information Architecture (IA)


UX Terms to Know: User Research Methods

A/B Testing

User Persona

UX Terms to Know: User Interface Design

Design System

  • Components — Typography, color, imagery, size, and spacing are essential components of a design system that can be repeated throughout a brand’s digital ecosystem.
  • Patterns — Taking stock of repeated UI elements (buttons, forms, arrows, image settings) will help to establish consistent UIs in every interface.
  • Templates — As the design system is fleshed out and over time, saving arrangements of design components into templates can help design teams save time in future design engagements with brand that have established design systems. Furthermore, if those engagements involve the same developers, they can anticipate the features their code must support thanks to the templated UIs.

Grid Systems

UX Terms to Know: Design Concepts


Interstitial Screen

Key Screen

More UX Terms to Know



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