Flutter 3.0: What’s New & What You Need to Know

Flutter 3.0: Stable Support for all Supported Platforms

Flutter 3.0 Firebase Support

Flutter 3.0 Mobile Updates

Flutter 3.0 Web Updates

Flutter 3.0 Performance Improvements

More Exciting Flutter 3.0 Features

  • Theme Extensions: Do you have a custom widget outside the MaterialThemeData properties that needs custom attributes? The Flutter team has created a feature called Theme Extensions for your convenience. It reduces the complexity of developing custom theme properties for your beautiful widgets.
  • Material You: One of the top highlights is the transition to Material Design 3, a Google in-house design language. The Flutter team offers an adaptable cross-platform design system to transform your Flutter app into a beautiful interactive product.
  • Flutter’s Games Toolkit: Flutter is very performant, and the ease of creating custom widgets and experiences transitioned many casual game developers into the framework. To make game development easier with Flutter, the team provided examples of best practices and tutorials to create the next generation of casual games on top of Flutter.

Flutter 3.0 Final Thoughts



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