Get Trendy with UX/UI Design in 2018 (Continued)

How Will Businesses Engage Users Next Year? Must-Know Web Design Trends 2018

Micro-animations & Micro-interactions

  • Convey system status to user
  • Highlight navigational options to make pages distinct within UI
  • Deny or confirm the user’s action
  • Clarify expectations by giving the user an idea of the result of one action
  • Tell users how they can and should interact with elements on the screen
  • Provide feedback (a field shakes when an incorrect password is entered)
  • Micro-animations should always showcase software functionality and not the animation itself. Anything else can prove distracting. Worse, heavy-handed animations can slow down the software and the user’s journey within it.
  • Designers should consider how a micro-animation will impact the user not just once, but repeatedly. Will it get annoying over time, or will the user stop paying attention to it altogether?

Typography Meets Visual Design


  1. Identify objectives — what information should the chatbot provide for a specific type of user?
  2. Information architecture — the business objective and chatbot purpose can inform a dialogue flow. Both this and information architecture can inform early conservation models to test amongst users, helping to identify pain points and a response for every scenario.
  3. Fail early and often — multiple tests can guide designers as they the inputs and outputs of a chatbot narrative. Aiming for a natural and sustained conversation will differentiate the chatbot from past failures
  4. Define navigation flow — what navigation options are possible? Are you able to skip a step or go backwards in a procedure?
  • Are context aware. The chatbot should understand its context and require little user input to do so.
  • Have a personality. Chatbots that have a distinct personality add an engaging, human element to an otherwise transactional experience
  • Avoid open-ended questions. Choice-based questions (would you like to A or B?) both define and limit the chatbot UI, guiding the user through a more streamlined experience.

Web Design Trends 2018: Why Business Leaders Need to Tune In



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