SEO Considerations For a New Web Project

But I Thought SEO was Dead?

Where to Start?

  1. How will the website impact business objectives?
  2. What are the specific goals for the site?
  3. How will those goals be tracked and measured?
  1. The website is our primary source of revenue
  2. Increase traffic & sales and decrease bounce-rate & cart abandonment
  3. Performance benchmarks will be established and tracked via Google Analytics

Putting Your Goals to Work

  • Creating user personas — What are the core demographics that will enable you to achieve your goals?
  • Defining a voice for your website — What style of content is going to be most engaging for the aforementioned audience?
  • Establishing a visual system for your website — How can you extend your brand in a way that will be appealing to that demographic?

Searching for Meaning

To Consolidate or Not to Consolidate?

Technical Considerations

Old Meets New

The Build

In Closing



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