Top iOS 10 Objective-C and Swift 3.0 Code Samples


View code samples for UIViewPropertyAnimator in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


VoIP Complications

iOS 10 CallKit Advancements

View code samples for CallKit in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


  • VoIP Calling: Initiate video and audio calls and search through user’s call history with VoIP apps
  • Messaging: Send text messages and search through users’ received messages with apps that support messaging services
  • Payments: Send and request payments to and from other people, pay and search for bills using apps that support personal payments
  • Photo: Search for photos and videos of a particular content type and play slideshows in photo library apps
  • Workouts: Start, pause, resume, end and cancel workouts in workout apps
  • Ride booking: Book a ride, receive the status of a booked ride and get a list of available rides through apps that provide taxi-like services.
  • Car commands (automotive vendors only): Activate car signals, get and set the status of the car’s locks, get the current fuel or power level in a car
  • CarPlay (automotive vendors only): Set the climate control settings, the defroster settings, the seat temperature, the radio station, the audio source, save and restore vehicle settings to and from a profile
  • Restaurant reservations (requires additional support from Apple): Book a reservation, get the available reservation times, get the user current reservations, get default values to use when requesting reservation, get user information to associate with a booking

View code samples for SiriKit in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


View code samples for NSPersistentContainer in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


View code samples for NSQueryGenerationToken in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.

Speech Recognition

View code samples for SpeechRecognition in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


  • Compressed images such as JPEGs
  • Uncompressed (but processed) images in popular pixel buffer formats
  • RAW images: camera sensor data with minimal processing (iPhone 6/7, iPhone 6/7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPad Pro)
  • DNG file format for RAW images
  • RAW + JPEG simultaneous capture
  • Wide gamut color capture on supported devices (iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro)
  • Simultaneous delivery of preview-sized images
  • Bracketed capture of multiple exposures
  • Live Photos: photos accompanied by a short video clip capturing the moments immediately before and after the photo was taken (iPhone 6/7, iPhone 6/7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPad Pro)
  • Manual control of settings such as flash, exposure, ISO, image stabilization and white-balance

View code samples for AVCapturePhotoOutput in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


View code samples for UIGraphicsRenderer in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


View code samples for UserNotifications in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


View code samples for UICollectionViewDataSourcePrefetching in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.


View code samples for UIPreviewInteraction in Objective-C and Swift 3.0.

Looking Forward

View the complete iOS 10 Sampler repository.



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